hey honey bee!

I’m Hollie, just your regular earthling learning and expanding as I go. Back in 2015, my life completely changed when I decided to spend an entire year travelling the world solo.

Dancing with death experiences, periods of depression and the influence of some very wise humans from across the world changed me irreversibly and let me down the most beautiful path. It is now my mission to have a positive impact and give value to the world in every way I can.

I always knew there was more to life. More than slaving away at a 9-5 that brought me no joy or vitality. More than working for someone else’s dream. More than living paycheck to paycheck and not serving the world and giving back in the ways that I wanted to.

I decided that I wouldn’t stop until I had created the life I desired. And here I am. I dreamt it then I real – life’d it. I started the business of my dreams and never looked back. These days you can find me poolside in Bali, coconut in hand, working from my laptop, playing with friends, earning back to back 5 figure months, giving generously and making a real fkn difference.

There’s nothing special about me. I just decided I wasn’t going to settle for less than I wanted.
How about you?