Anyone that knows me closely knows just how in love I am with Bali. (I think I actually mention it to Eron at least once a day! 😂  )

I first visited back in late February 2015 and ended up staying for 2 months. I then returned and spent another month there. Of all the beautiful places I have visited around the world I have never felt that I could actually live there long term…until Bali. I knew as soon as I got there – this was my soul home. I am already planning our future home there ♡


This place warms my heart in ways I can’t explain. I’m sure not everyone would feel the same, but for me, there is something in the air here that gets to me. It feels like I’ve been there my whole life. It challenges me but soothes me in equal measure. It introduced me to new ways of thinking and new ways of living and began to mould me in ways I wasn’t even aware of. I would spend my days practising yoga and meditation, strolling the streets slipping my flip-flops on and off to pop in and out of beautiful little shops. Mouthwatering organic food would fuel me and the smell of incense would always be filling the air. It encompasses all the things I never knew I love and need in my life.


The pavements are forever adorned with delicately made offerings consisting of rice, flowers and incense. The trees have a way of reminding you that they are there and the rice fields give me a sense of peace I have never felt before. You could spend an afternoon just watching the workers and birds fly over the lush green fields, the sunlight reflecting off the water and really start to understand how life dances in simplicity.


Cruising through the countryside on a moped with no destination quickly became a favourite pass time.
Stumbling upon colourful ceremonies and ancient temples fed my soul. Absorbing the smiles of the locals lifted my spirits.


The island has a pull that whispers to a certain type of individual. The people I met there were angels without wings. I swear, Bali has all the good ones and I feel blessed to have some of them in my life. They will never know how much of an impact they have had on me and I will forever be grateful for their love.


It is so hard to put into words that little something extra that Bali has. I wish I could just pop you there and you could breathe it in for yourself.


A lot of my time spent here was a period of personal growth. It may sound dramatic, but Bali saved me. It wrapped its arms around me when I was truly struggling. Each day it gave me a gift which made it impossible to give up, no matter how tough it was at times. This place showed me a new path that has gone on to lead me to completely unexpected places.


We hope to return next year and spend some time exploring there again, and perhaps some more of Indonesia. I think I’ll spend as much time visiting as I can until it becomes a more permanent base/home.


Ah, Bali. *sigh*


Enjoy some old piccys from back in 2015..