Dedicating time to shifting your money mindset is so so so important. It’s some of the most important work you can ever do if you desire to live in financial abundance.

For the longest time, I told myself the story that I didn’t care about money as long as I was happy and doing something that I loved, that I didn’t need money if I was doing something I enjoyed. But the truth behind these statements was that I feared I wasn’t capable of earning lots of money. I feared that if I tried for it I wouldn’t get it. I doubted my worthiness – who was I to be wealthy?

These limiting beliefs were holding me back and doing me a great disservice. It wasn’t until I became aware of my relationship around money, that I realized I had a lot of ‘unlearning’ to do.

The topic of money is seen as so ‘taboo’, its known as rude to discuss and associated with something ‘filthy’. But this really makes no sense. Money is an incredible exchange of energy. Imagine we still had to swap goats for rice? 😂 Or whatever they used to do! Money is a beautiful, convenient way of exchanging value. It gives us opportunity, freedom, and choice!

There is nothing inherently ‘bad ‘ about money at all. At the end of the day, its just a piece of paper. The negativity comes from our own personal relationships with money. A mindset of scarcity, that money is the ‘route of all evil’, that there’s not enough to go around, that it causes problems, that it’s a burden and so on. This all comes from a ‘lack’ mindset, and we will never be able to attract abundance from a place of lack. It’s just not possible. It’s Universal Law.

Reading the books I have listed below turned my relationship with money upside down! In the best way possible! It’s a process to continue for life, but I have never felt more abundant than I do right now in this moment, and it is only increasing by the day.

The Universe is providing evidence of that before my very eyes. This past week, Eron and I earned more than we used to collectively make when we were in full time 9-5 jobs over the time frame of 2 MONTHS!!! What we used to make over a period of 2 months in grueling 40 hour work weeks, we made in 1 WEEK (WHILST ON VACATION). Just writing that down blows my mind and makes me beam with appreciation. And I know we’re just getting started!

We are ALL worthy of abundance. It is our birthright and natural state of being. You have great work, great desires, and a great life that needs to be supported (and more!). You owe it to yourself to make the shift. Get reading!

1. You Are a Badass at Making Money // Jen Sincero

This is a great place to start. It’s easy to read, relatable, freakin’ laugh out loud hilarious and not too ‘out there’.

This is one of my favourite money mindset books I’ve read so far. It allows you to see money and your relationship with it in a whole new light, and does so in a way that feels fun.

It will show you where you’ve been trippin’ up and how to rectify that. I especially liked the story about the goats, and the process of writing a letter to money – you’ll see 😉

(You can click the photo to link to Amazon, but there’s also some free PDF downloads online! If you can’t find one, message me and i’ll send you a copy)

2. Money And The Law of Attraction // Esther & Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham

When it comes to the nitty-gritty on how to really attract abundance into your reality – this is it.

This book is truly all you’ll ever need. It’s the type that gives you so many ‘aha’ moments. You’ll read it over and over again and still return.

It is the money manifesting bible! The teachings in this book gave me my biggest money mindset shift yet.

It reminds your inner being of all the things you’ve always known, yet forgotten along the way. It will present you with the simplest, easiest path towards your desires. Reading this book felt nourishing for my soul, as if every word was a piece of rich, dark chocolate slowly melting in the mouth.

3. A Happy Pocket Full of Money // David Cameron Gikandi

This one’s all about developing that wealth consciousness, which is not just money orientated. Wealth consciousness requires the practice of gratitude, and a true belief in abundance in every sense of the word.

It’s about giving and receiving, building happy abundant relationships, how to set goals, overcome obstacles, and having faith and joy in life.

I loved the mantra presented in the text continuously throughout.

This book really covers all aspects of living an abundant way of life.

4. Think And Grown Rich // Napoleon Hill

This one is a classic and was originally written in 1937! It has received world recognition for its teachings and sold over 100 million copies.

There are some true nuggets of gold in here, and it really leaves you feeling pumped and driven.

The author studied an array of successful business people and their key to success. From Thomas Edison to Henry Ford, they all had something in common.

The book is broken down into 13 chapters/principles to becoming successful and rich.

I found some of the chapters a little hard to get through due to it’s old-timey references and wording, but stick with it because the value is huge.

5. The Magic // Rhonda Byrne

This book is all about the power of gratitude, and how it will turn your world around.

So many of us are stuck complaining about what we don’t like, what we don’t want, wishing we had something else, instead of focusing on how many things in our lives we have to be grateful for.

This book takes you on a 30 day journey where you read a page or two a day, with a different way to integrate gratitude into your life and way of being.

This book is powerful!!! You can feel the vibration shifting within you each day. You will see your desires manifesting into your reality. Follow this book continuously for 30 days and your life will change – as if my magic 😉

“Gratitude is a gift from the Universe to you, and it exists in order for you to use it and advance your life”.