I have something to tell you.

You’ve been fooled. You’ve been conned your whole life!

The thing is, somehow society has taught us a pre-packaged way to live our lives. We have come to believe that this one, narrow-minded outlook is totally normal. I am here to blow that all out of the water, dear one.

Below are my top 10 myths about life. I hope they open your soul and heart to new possibilities and encourage you to live a colourful, enriching, fulfilling life!!


Myth #1: There is one way to live life

Just because it is viewed as the norm to have a stable 9-5 job, a 4 bedroom house, picket fence, marriage and 2.4 kids does not mean that this is the only way to live your life. There really are no rules!!! Whatever your heart desires, you can make this your reality!

The big question is; what do you really want? Do you really want those things I’ve mentioned? Or is that what society has told you to want? Really think about it. Money, material possessions and how your life ‘looks’ is not the most important thing and will never truly make you happy. Forget about the money, the stuff and the ‘look’, and live a life that is true and authentic to you (no matter what that looks like.) Forget about what people may think, forget about societal pressures and choose a life that will light your soul on fire.


Myth #2: Happiness is outside of you

So many of us have the belief system of ‘I’ll be happy once…” I’ll be happy once I get that job, or once I have that money, or once I look like that. The truth is, your happiness will never be in those things. Yes, it is good to have goals, but your happiness does not live within their success. By relying on external things for your happiness you are giving away your joy.

True happiness comes from within, despite your external environment. By placing your happiness outside of yourself and on the ‘whens’ you are placing your happiness in the future. Even if you reach your goals, you will never truly be satisfied. You’ll always be looking on to the next thing. True happiness lies in this very moment, the only moment we ever have.


Myth #3: You are unworthy

Similar to myth #2, it is believed so widely that our worth is based on that outside of us; that our worthiness is based on our external achievements. Whether we have a good education, a good wage, certificates, material possessions, a swimsuit body actually have absolutely nothing to do with how worthy you are. You were born worthy dear one. You have a worthy birthright of joy, love and peace no matter what your external life appears to look life. You. Are. Worthy.


Myth #4: Life is random

Life does not just ‘happen’ to you. Everything is intricately and divinely planned and is a reflection of your inner world. You literally have the power to mould the life of your dreams. The Universe is always working alongside us whether we chose to acknowledge this or not. Ask and you will receive. What you manifest is all down to you and your beliefs. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Get your head around The Law of Attraction and your world will shift massively.


Myth #5: Be normal

There is no such thing as a normal person. We are all united in our differences. Just because some people choose to express themselves differently does not make them wrong or weird. Its just different, and different is beautiful. Different is creating, different is magic! Stop worrying about whether its ‘normal’ or not and just be authentically, unapologetically, you.


Myth #6: People’s opinions = Your value

Whether people like what you choose to put out into the world or not does not affect your value. If you are happy with what you are doing and what you are creating, and it makes you feel good – whether other people think it is good or not is irrelevant. The opinions and approval of others will only ever be a hindrance to you. Remember, ‘those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind’.


Myth #7: Success means struggle

This is one I am very passionate about. The idea that to be successful, you will need to struggle and strive to get there. No, no, no. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Your beliefs on life will mirror your outside circumstances. Believe you have to suffer to get money? Then you’ll end up suffering and struggling trying to get money. Believe success means sacrifice? You’ll find yourself in situations having to sacrifice.

But believe success and abundance flow freely to you? Guess what? It absolutely will. Like attracts like, meaning, whatever your belief is, that is what you will get. Believe life is fun, believe life is a joyful flow, and success will come naturally and joyfully to you.


Myth #8: Love has limits

We tend to believe that love only goes as far as our family and immediate circle of friends. But the truth is we are not separate. Love is limitless. We are all connected, there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. That ‘stranger’ is someone’s mother or partner or child. Let’s remember that we are all the same, we are all family, we all want to be happy and avoid suffering. Let’s share the love and help each other.


Myth #9: Emotion is weakness

Since we were children we were told to “stop crying!”, to “stop making a scene!”. No wonder we grow into adults who feel it is wrong to fully express our emotions and apologise when we do release these feelings. Fully experiencing your emotions is actually the ultimate sign of strength. They are uncomfortable and painful at times, and that takes real strength to embrace.


Myth #10: Self-love is selfish

Self-love is seen so often as a selfish and arrogant thing to practice. The truth is though, self-love is the most important thing we need. Self-love needs to be our number one priority. Without practising self-love, we will not be able to give ourselves fully to the world around us. Just like how the air hostess will tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else otherwise you’ll pass out and be totally useless. The same goes for self-love and care; you can’t pour from an empty cup.