We’ve been receiving heaps of questions lately about what gear we use, so we’ve put together this little shpeel to hopefully give you some insight as to how we create the shots we do!

Bear in mind that while this is our equipment, there are HEAPS of amazing options out there; so do your homework!

Also, most of our equipment is a bit dated, and we will likely upgrade some bits soon – but these little beasts have helped us capture 99% of the content we have created and done so beautifully.


Canon 5D MkII

This is our main camera where all of our (dry) shots come from. I won’t go into the specs, because you can google to your heart’s content. I think its almost 10 years old now, but its still a solid camera. And good value! >>LINK HERE<<


24-70mm lens

This lens can be credited for about 95% of our shots. It’s fairly versatile and a great all-round lens. If we were going out for the day and could only take one lens, this would be it. But like our camera, our specific model is a bit dated now compared to the newer versions, I’m not even sure they sell this specific one anymore. The new version is the exact same lens, just sharper and a better all-round quality. With our style of shooting, we are constantly preaching how we’d love a wider lens, but to be fair – she has done well. >>LINK HERE<<


50mm f/1.4 lens

With a super low aperture setting, this is a perfect lens for creating those dreamy blurry background shots. The fancy term is a ‘shallow depth of field’ and that basically means it puts the subject in focus, and blurs out the rest. The lens is fixed, which means no zoom. We have used this lens for shooting video as well to get that dreamy depthy look. It’s a rad lens! >>LINK HERE<<

Examples ↓




GoPro Hero 3+

This one is pretty dated, and doesn’t have the quality that you would imagine newer models to have – BUT we have still shot some rad images with it. We will definitely upgrade this soon – but along with our dome lens, its captured all our underwater shots to date! (Keep in mind, it takes a solid edit in Lightroom to bring one of these GoPro snaps to life!) >>LINK HERE<<


Telesin 6″ Dome port

There are heaps of domes available on Amazon and other websites.. this one seemed adequate and cheap, and has worked great for us. We don’t bother with the floaty handle, and just take the dome bit in the water with us. I’d be skeptical to take it down to 30m like it says it can.. but have probably gone down 5m with no leakage! (We do get water drips on the dome, but maybe they all do that?) ~ Message us if you know the secret to no water specs!! >>LINK HERE<<

GoPro + Dome = ↓




MeFoto Tripod (Roadtrip)

Our tripod is aptly named ‘Frodo’ as we are Sam in the relationship.. always carrying him around. It’s a solid tripod, and lets us get shots of the both of us, as well as long exposure shots. We toiled between sizes for ages, wondering what would have enough girth for our heavy camera set up – this one is more than stable enough, we might have even opted lighter! >>LINK HERE<<


In conjunction with our tripod…


Trigger/Remote – “Hahnel Captur”

Lets us get shots of the two of us. Has a million functions, but we just use to it to click and shoot.


Fujifilm X100T

This is the camera that Hollie bought for her first solo world trip as she didn’t want to carry any heavy gear, and we have recently started using it to shoot video. With 60 fps and auto-focus, it’s more functional than the Canon. We are going to make a serious upgrade soon but for now, it’s doing the trick! Everything besides the singing in the ‘Country Roads‘ video was shot on it. >>LINK HERE<<


✧  C O M P U T E R  S T U F F  ✧

In post-processing, Hollie and I both use a MacBook Air with a few different programs to get the finished masterpieces we show you. Our camera’s shoot a RAW image and we use these programs as tools, to bring the photos/videos to life.

Adobe Lightroom
The industry standard program where we edit all our photos. Its relatively simple to use, and gets us amazing results.

Adobe Photoshop
A more sophisticated program we use occasionally to ‘clean up photos’ or blend them together.

Final Cut Pro
Still learning to fully utilize this program, but it seems freakin great. Endless tools to make rad video.

✧  A D D I T I O N A L  N O T E S  ✧

That’s essentially everything we have used, to create everything we have created. When out and about we use our iPhones, and edit fun photos with the ‘Lightroom mobile’ app, and that’s all our secrets!

We hope this helped you out 🙂 If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!