We all have a dream right? Something that makes us light up inside, a vision of what our ideal life would look 
like. Perhaps it’s not a specific dream but you just know you want more out of life yet don’t know where to begin or what to do. I’ve come to realise over the past year, that there are 5 fundamental things that keep me flowing in the right direction in life and I want to share them with you right here right now!


1. Passion

Now, this can almost be an intimidating word, especially if you’re in a place where you know you want more, but you’re not sure what that looks like yet. I’ve totally been in the ‘passionate for more but don’t know what that passion is yet’ category and it can cause a lot of distress. I’ve evolved a way over time to make that feeling easier and that is to ‘follow what moves you ’. That sounds better, doesn’t it? That sounds friendlier and takes the pressure off of having a ‘passion’ to follow. What is it that moves you? That evokes emotion? What interests you? What makes you curious? Follow that instinct with childish wonder. Don’t be distracted by what you think you should be interested in, or what feels more rational and sensible. Follow what moves you.


2. Determination

Believe in what you’re doing so deeply that nothing could deter you. If you have any setbacks or slip-ups, just accept it as part of the journey, as a lesson, as a way to be better, and then keep moving forward. There are all times when we doubt ourselves or doubt our ability to succeed, but know that you are 100% capable. It might take some navigating, but you have what it takes. If you are determined, you will get there. Don’t quit, stay motivated and in motion.


3. Originality

Don’t strive to be the same person that you admire or are inspired by. Looking up to people who are doing what you want to be doing is great for motivation and to be creatively inspired, but don’t aim to be exactly like them or do just as they have. You’re doing it your way, which means you have something to give that no one else does. If you try and do what’s already been done, you won’t stand out and will probably just be frustrated that it’s not exactly the same as it was done by that person (We all have that person amaright?!). It’s a small world so its hard to ask yourself to do something that’s never been done before, but just make sure you do it in your way because if you do it your way, well, then its never been done quite like that before now has it? 😉



4. Joy

Do what makes you happy. It’s that simple. This is the sister to ‘follow what moves you’. Because as Eron always says, “If you’re not doing what makes you happy, what are you even doing?!!!” We only have one life, and it’s really, really short. There is no time to spare for the things that don’t bring us joy. You have the choice in every moment to choose joy. I get that some are stuck in a lifestyle that they don’t particularly enjoy yet have responsibilities and family and bills to pay. But just be aware that it isn’t making you happy because in the long run you’ll burn out and have nothing left to give to your ‘responsibilities’. Be self-aware, and know that you can change your circumstances. It may take time, but take those baby steps towards the life you want now because you don’t have one more day to waste being unhappy.


5. Authenticity

Be true to you in every moment of the day. In order to succeed at all the above points, you have to stand in your truth. Whether that is what you truly want out of a career, your relationships, your social life or your true feelings and opinions. Whatever it may be you have to be true to you. To be the person others want you to be, or to make the choices that society expects you to make is playing small and doing yourself a huge discredit. To live life for the sake of others is truly a slap in your own face. And in the long run, won’t serve others either. You have chosen to come to this Earth at this specific time for a reason. Be honest with yourself, stand in your truth, and I promise everything else will fall into place. The right people will appear in your life, the right opportunities will present themselves and you’ll be happier than ever.


I hope this served you beautiful ones! If there were one thing I would add to this list, it would be to remember to enjoy the process. It might not all go smoothly and to plan, there may be setbacks, it may take longer than you’d like, but try to see it as part of the bigger picture. Remember to see the magic in the details of it all. Enjoy the lessons and the blessings; enjoy the not knowing and witnessing how the Universe unfolds the path before you. Trust that the next stepping-stone will appear and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You’ll look back one day and see why it all had to happen exactly the way it did!


Red hot smokin’ love,

Hollie xoxo