Your ultimate guide to finding that beautiful and elusive temple in Udaipur!

Hey guys, so I decided that this would be a super useful topic to write about, because when Hollie and I were researching Udaipur, we found this spectacular image of a temple; And while searching like crazy, we couldn’t even find out its name!

We wound up showing the photo to locals around Udaipur, and most of them still didn’t even know! Eventually someone pointed us in the right direction, and I will share our secrets…. NOW!


Ahar Cenotaphs 

The name of the temple complex is ‘Ahar Cenotaphs’

Cenotaphs are defined as a monument to someone buried elsewhere, and the ‘Ahar Cenotaphs’ are actually a complex of 372 unique ones. The most epic, and the one you may want to take a photo of was built for Maharana Sangram Singh. Who knew!

It is listed on Maps.Me as ‘Ahar Museum’ and is approx 4.5km east of the town centre by the lake. Maybe a 20min drive max?

Our driver stayed and waited for us even when we said we might be up to an hour, he was super chill. I don’t remember what it cost us, but it wasn’t much. Use your well practiced haggling skills!

More stuff to know 

Like a lot of great places you want a photo of in India.. you will be expected to give the guard a bribe.

The guard will say photography is not allowed, so… if you have a phone, be sneaky. If you have a beast of a camera, or especially a tripod, you will need to bribe him.

Agree on a number, and pay after!!

And DONT get pushed around!! The guard is likely going to act all important and stuff which is fine.. as he is likely accustomed to intimidating tourists, but always hold your ground. They’re not as powerful as they act.

In our case.. I believe we paid 1 or 200 rupees with the agreement that we had unlimited time to explore and shoot content. After an hour or so he started following us around and demanding that we leave. Reluctantly, we did, but said we would only give him half, as he broke our deal. He was furious, but we argued our case, and got our Tuktuk driver to help us explain. In the end he was angry, and we left, and that was that.

Our driver told us a fun story on the way back about how he was in the Cenotaphs complex, making moves on a girl, and when the guard gave them some trouble, he slipped the guy some rupees and didn’t hear anything else.

‘Everything is possible in India’  ~ locals would say to us


Honestly, one of my favourite experiences in India. I may have enjoyed it even more than visiting the Taj Mahal.. !! It is almost untouched by tourism, and with that comes the feeling of culture, and adventure. Some places you may visit after seeing too many photos on instagram are almost a let down.. you realize that everyone uses a particular angle to hide other tourists, and achieve the desired look. This is NOT one of those situations! It is everything you dream it will be 🙂